Designs are based on what you describe to us.  Or we can create our own design if you tell us the colors, look and feel you want to go with.  This must me done at the begining of the design process.

We do not copy other Psychic web sites and do not allow you to take the text off a web site that is not yours.

We do not write the content for your web site.  You need to write your content in an email or word document, spell check and proof read your own content and send to us at the start of the project.  Changing the content once it is on the web site will be charged an additional fee of $35.00.

One page of content equals one word document of text.  No exceptions

Static site:
You can edit the website yourself only if you know HTML & CSS Stylesheets. Backend log in will be provided.

website has a log in to get into the site and change photos and text very easily. We also provide one hour telephone training for this website.

All packages are priced for hours of work determined to do this type of website and therefore is not refundable and PACKAGE PRICES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE.
No payment plans are accepted at this time. No exceptions.
Hosting is computer space you rent from us to put your web site on the internet. Everyone rents hosting unless you have large servers in your office or  home.  If hosting fees are not paid your web site will go down and there is a re-activation fee of $35.00 plus monthly or yearly fees owed to get the site back up.

We are not responsible for backing up your files unless you ask us too.  You must save the completed files to your computer if you want to keep them. If your site goes down and you have not kept a copy of the files a $50.00 fee will be charged to retrieve the files and send them to you by email.

If your site goes down for non payment to us or because you did not pay your domain name there will be a $50 reactivation fee. If it has been over 45 days it might not be possible to get your domain name back.